Events and Exhibitions ::

'Precipitating Dread' [Version 0.2], testing of the current build on the election denial & insurrection period (November 2020 -> Jan6). Lots of things still are unfinished, but please feel free to check it out if you like :-)

Live-Content ::

'Semidialogue of Insubstantial Love'

Past ::

'Precipitating Dread' [Version 0.1] featured at the PikselXX free software art festival in Bergen
It was part of an exhibition of online works in the Piksel Cyber Salon.

|06.2020 'Das Null Relikt' / 'The Null-Rellic' A short story accompanying a sculpture of the same name by Alexander Föllenz.

|04.2019 'The Tools and Labor of the Info Architect' A manifesto.